Work in progress with my Boyfriend

He is making christmas tealights out of paper.

And I’m busy creating a 3d frame home decor using sketches  (462) from

the challenge blog I applied on:


And I’m altering a book. Here is my first coat off gesso.

I will create an awesome project.


Keep your fingers crossed for me.




Hi yo”all,

I am going to the scrapbookshop: ‘Scrapdelight’.

Before I go i want to show you something.

I told you that I was a guest designer at prima Marketing back in the days,

here is the link. Amazing what they wrote about me.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Now a mix media page I did and it was published at Somerset Memories Magazine. If you feel a lot of chaos, then my job is done because that was my intention. Every mom will relate to it from time to time.


MOM MOM small


I will leave you with a page of mine that made my name in the scrapbook world.

The first one made a paintscrapper of me (for a dutch magazine ‘creatief met foto’s).


Now I’m off to go. I will post a mini album when i’m back and ofcourse pictures of all the goodies I bought at

Have an amazing day.



Hi there,

What an amazing day. I’m so nervous right now. I applied to 2 designteams. One manufacturer in UK , this was there response:

Dear Emine

Thank you very much for contacting us here at Sizzix.

Wow your blog looks great. I will pass your details onto the Marketing team and they will contact you directly is interested in a collaboration.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Kindest regards

I just want them to challenge me, and to try me. Then they can decide whether they want me in the team or not. I just want to do what I love. I don’t need money.

I hope the dutch shop will agree with it too.

Here a post from my other blog:


Made for my dear friend Nura Keif. Love to get in touch with you again dear.




oktober 06, 2009

SCRAPBOOK INSPIRATIONS (my old blog you can see here) please click on here or type

I’ve been published in this issue of scrapbook inspirations with my blog. it’s called blog love. YEAH! Such an honor.
it says:
I’ve been published in this issue of scrapbook inspirations with my blog. it’s called blog love. YEAH! Such an honor.
it says:
New discovery of the month:
the coloufrul and creative world of emine pazan. etc. you need to buy the magazine to read more 🙂
Lately I’m thinking of buy myself some new clothes. i bought a new jacket and shoes and a big bag. now I need to buy some warm clothes for the winter.
I’m working on my new adventure: online classes. Now I need a few talented designers.
if you think you have what i’m looking for just email me at
hugs and kisses.


Now I’m off to the scrapbookshop. Keep your fingers crossed please.