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Huge announcement that will make you excited + book give-away

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My (upcoming) First Book Review

I am proud to announce that my very first review will be about an amazing book called “Real Life Organizing“. This book is written by the wonderful Cassandra Aarssen from She is one of my biggest inspiration on youtube and I am really excited to share it with you all.

Cas was also so kind to provide a FREE copy of her book to give-away here. I will explain how you can win it. Are you are ready to get inspired and know more about her amazing site?

Wat is Clutterbug?

Clutterbug is an organizing, cleaning, decorating and DIY blog focused on helping busy families (or a loner like me) transform their home from cluttered to clean. She also of fers real life tips, tricks and inspiration on a small budget (very important): as written on her media kit.  (May I add that she’s doing an amazing job?!! 😉 Read and you’ll know why)


Who is Clutterbug?

For those who don’t know her already: Cas is a Stay-at-Home Mommy to 3 beautiful children living in Canada. She is also creator of Clutterbug. Not only did she wrote this book, she’s already in the process of writing a new one (Good luck Cas)

On her website you can take a test to find out what organization system works best for you ( FYI: I am a butterfly), download FREE printables, listen to her podcasts and so much more. There is so much to see and read. Luckily she has a tab on her blog; Start here. Go and check it out, don’t forget to take the test also.

Her website is clean and organized, lovely colors. It is excellent for visual people like me.

Why Clutterbug?:

In her own words: “I took my home from chaos to clean with just 15 Minutes of organization a day! I try to make sure that all of my projects and tips are “Under 30 dollars and Under 30 minutes” because having a beautiful and organized home doesn’t need to cost a lot or take a lot of time.

I totally agree!!! That is not the only reason that I love her so much. She is and stays real. Her video’s are so inspirational, funny with useful tips and tricks. It brings a big smile on my face almost every day. I would highly recommend to watch her video’s till the end. You’ll never know what she is going to talk about. It is a surprise and a good laugh everytime. A wonderful way for me to start my day!

Thank you Cassandra for all your time and effort you put in your work to help others and for staying real.




No matter how much I like her. This wil NOT effect my review. It’s very important to me to stay true to myself and especially to my readers. I will NEVER recommend a product/site or idea, if I don’t like it myself. I can promise you that.

This is what I’m going to do: 

  1. Read the book carefully
  2. Write an honest review and post it here on the blog.
  3. Announce the winner. (doesn’t matter where you live)

This is what I need you to do:

  1. Like the post (This post of the review post which I will upload later??!! I won’t tell LOL)
  2. Comment on the post (Again not telling you which post)
  3. Share the post with your friends (NOPE, still not telling)

Easy right? Will take only 2 minutes of your time or less (or more, depending on the length of your comment 😉

A few comment idea’s: 

What is your biggest issue in organizing, especially staying organized? What do you expect from an organization book? Do you prefer E-books or not?

Love to hear from you,

Emine Pala


NOTE: This post is not in any way sponsored. I love the site and I want to share it. I am open for any suggestion. Please contact me. 


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